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Looking for a piano?

There are a lot of tempting new cheap black shiny pianos out there mainly made in the far East. They’re not all necessarily the great buys they look! Cheaply produced pianos often use sub standard materials and combined with poor design can mean the piano won’t work as it should or even be impossible to tune properly. Often, a secondhand more carefully built older instrument is a better choice.

If we haven’t currently got the piano that you’re looking for we may be able to help you find one in your price range and in the kind of style you’d like. Just give us a ring and we’ll keep an eye out for one that may fit the bill for you!

Looking to sell a piano?
Let us sell your piano for you as your AGENT

If your piano is within 20 miles radius of St. Albans we can inspect, value
it and put it up on our website together with photos for £50. In addition, if we are successful in introducing a buyer to you we, as your agent, will do so for 7% of the selling price, unless the piano is sold for less than £700 in which case the commission will be £50.

The advantages of selling your piano this way are that it will have our
professional endorsement as an instrument fit for purpose and at a fair price, usually much more than a dealer will give you!
We regularly have people contact us looking for pianos in all price ranges.
The advantages to buyers are obvious of course, they know they’ll be buying a piano which is sound, works well, is tunable and priced realistically.
We reserve the right not to advertise your piano if, in our opinion, it is
not fit for purpose.

A piano bought and sold in this way is essentially a private transaction between buyer and seller. Delivery isn’t included but we can recommend a reliable and expert piano mover at good rates.

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As we can’t go traipsing around Hertfordshire for nothing we will usually still make a charge of £20 for the inspection of pianos which are sadly not worth anything.