Bluthner boudoir grand


Make: Bluthner
Model: 5’6″

A lovely mellow-toned piano of high quality.



Make: Bluthner
Model: 5′ 6″ Aliqout

This grand piano of 1964/65 vintage has the much loved “Bluthner” mellow tone so characteristic of these lovely first class instruments. Though the bright mahogany case is faded in places it is still in very presentable condition.

The “Aliquot” scaling which features an extra string in the upper registers is a Bluthner Patent idea that gives the tone a little more edge. The action is a modern roller type but it does now need some regulating work to bring it up to scratch. This would cost about ¬£400. The piano is priced accordingly.

Overall this is a wonderful piano, just the right size for a domestic situation being not too large but with a significantly better tone than a small “baby” grand.

Highly recommended!

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Dimensions are: ¬†5’6″ total length

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