Challen upright


Make: Challen
Model:105 cm upright

A very pretty compact piano needs a home!



Make: Challen
Model:105cm upright

This is a very elegant piano built in 1940 by well known English makers. It’s in a pretty walnut case, quite a rarity! The pleasing tone is on the mellow side and it is tuned to concert pitch. The keys are in excellent condition with no chips and the action is in good working order. The piano is 7 octaves, two pedals.

The case is lovely and in good condition generally, though the treble end is a little faded. A matching duet stool with cabriole legs, and with room for music is included.

Dimensions are 105 cm height / 135 cm length / 52 cm depth.

View in Jersey Farm, ST. ALBANS

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