Kemble Nordia upright


Make: Kemble

A lovely compact piano ideal if space is limited.



Make: Kemble
Model: Nordia 105cm upright

Originally supplied by Harrods this piano built in 1969 is a perfect piano for a budding pianist to hone their skills on. It has been tuned by us at British Standard pitch for several years now and is in very good condition.

The piano which has a typical Kemble warm tone is in an attractive satin light walnut case. It has two pedals and a seven octave range (only 3 notes less than a full keyboard) making it a little more compact and ideal if you have limited room.

Very well worth taking look at it if the asking price is within your budget.

Dimensions are 105 cm height / 130 cm length / 47 cm depth.


We are AGENTS for this sale. Ring me for details 07771 642787