Make: Steinway & Sons
Model: Overstrung Upright

A Steinway at a great price!



Make: Steinway & Sons
Model: Overstrung upright

The name Steinway needs no further introduction! This smashing piano made in 1886/87 has been very much loved and is now, regrettably, up for sale. It was refurbished by us in 2008,  restrung and the action and keys thoroughly overhauled.

The tone of this big piano is mellow but still rich. It is a large piano 135 cm high and 70cm in depth which gives it a wonderful bass.

Despite being over a hundred years old it is structurally sound and as previously mentioned has benefitted from substantial work only 15 years ago. The black casework is not perfect but reasonably presentable.

Viewing in Hemel Hempstead is highly recommended.

A matching adjustable stool is included.

Dimensions are 135 cm height / 154 cm length / 70 cm depth.


We are AGENTS for this sale. Ring me for details 07771 642787