£1,500.00 £950.00

Make: Welamr
Model: 124cm overstrung upright

A famous brand and an excellent instrument. PRICED TO CLEAR!



Make: Welmar
Model: 124cm overstrung upright

A fine example of a traditionally styled piano of the late 1920’s. Welmar is a famous English make linked with Bluthner who guaranteed this particular piano when it was first sold. The action and keys have been overhauled in the recent past and we have thoroughly cleaned it out and regulated it.

It is in a lovely figured French polished case of “fiddle back” mahogany though it has some minor defects. Needless to say it has the signature mellow tone associated with most Welmar pianos and a touch on the lighter side.

The price includes local ground floor delivery and first tuning (worth about £200 in total) NEW LOWER PRICE TO CLEAR QUICKLY!!

View in my Workshop in St. Albans

Dimensions are:  124cm Height/ 149cm Length/ 62cm Depth