Yamaha U3S


Make: Yamaha
Model: U3S

A truly magnificent instrument!




This superb piano is offered for reluctant sale due to a home downsize. Built in 2001 it has had the one owner and only been lightly used. Loved by professional musicians and discriminating home pianists alike Yamaha U3 pianos are robust, durable and of the highest build quality. Because of the large frame they surpass the tone of many a grand piano. This particular instrument has an excellent bass which is perfectly balanced with the treble register. Not too bright, not too mellow.

This piano has a sostenuto pedal as well as the standard two pedals and also has had a “celeste” rail fitted for quiet practice.In addition it features a “soft fall” which protects little fingers (or larger ones!) should the fall (lid over the keys) shut accidentally.

The bright black casework is in first class condition. A really lovely piano.

HURRY!! Yamaha pianos usually sell very quickly from this site. RING ME NOW for further details.


Dimensions are:  131cm Height/ 153cm Length/ 65cm Depth

We are AGENTS for this sale. Ring me for details 07771 642787