Zender (Six octave)


Make: Zender
Model:100 cm 6 octave upright

A compact and attractive piano. Includes local delivery and tuning!



Make: Zender
Model: 100cm 6 octave upright

In an attractive polished light walnut case this compact six octave piano is ideal for where space is limited. Although probably just suitable for a beginner it would suit any pianist who doesn’t need a full seven octave keyboard.

It was built in 1965 and has a mellow tone and a lightish touch. Thoroughly cleaned out, tuned to Concert pitch and regulated in our workshop.

Price includes local ground floor delivery and a complimentary tuning!

Dimensions are 100 cm height / 113 cm length / 48 cm depth.

View in my workshop, TYTTENHANGER, ST.ALBANS

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